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  • How to Setup Laravel on Ubuntu 12.10

    Set up larval on EC2 1)First step is to keep machine updated. sudo apt-get update && time sudo apt-get dist-upgrade 2)Install apache. sudo apt-get install apache2 3)Install the latest PHP […]

  • Beauty How-To (Part 2)

    Beauty How-To (Part 2)

    How To Achieve Frosty Eyes Frosty eyes are perfect for a glam night out whether your eyes are in whatever size. You may choose anthracite grey or deep chocolate shades […]

  • Beauty How-To (Part 1)

    Beauty How-To (Part 1)

    How to ……. Make Your Eyes Pop So you see a lot of fuchsia, tangerine, green and purple on the runway. How to be the center of attention like them? […]

  • Have You Ever Praise Someone??

    Have You Ever Praise Someone??

    Whether its receiving thanks for a job well done or being told that your outfit is beautiful, there’s no doubt that being praised rocks. Receiving praise feels fantastic and is […]

  • Truth From Your Bosses

    Truth From Your Bosses

    Surfing Facebook, stealing your colleague’s credit or losing your temper at work. Are all these every OK with your boss? Losing Your Temper As humans, we are prone to losing […]