Job Description:

We’re looking for an ambitious and adventurous software developer to help us turn cool social media ideas into reality. Don't apply if you are not willing to take on challenges to solve complex problems and push technology to the limit. We’re looking for an ambitious, passionate and adventurous Developer to help us turn cool social media ideas into reality. If you are not willing to learn new knowledge about programming and write codes for complex systems, you are not suitable for this job.

What You Will Do

  • You will develop for our front-end as well as our back-end interface for our applications.

  • Develop our websites, web applications using angular.js and related technologies.

  • Be organised and keep proper documentation for the coding.

  • Be innovative and creative. Success always requires that.

  • Cope with really challenging tasks in terms of Programming and Database. Turning ideas into reality isn’t all easy.

What you need to have:
(If you don't have it, your life might be extra super difficult)

  • Great logic thinking

  • Great Proficiency in any programming languages.(HTML, CSS, assumed) You will be expected to learn on the job for any new programming languages.

  • JavaScript is VERY important (familiarity with frameworks like Angular/Vue/React is a plus).

  • Demonstrate some understanding with UI / UX specifications and design mockups from source materials like PSDs, sketch app.

  • Some familiarity with Git

-Full-Time, Contract position(s) available.Interested applicants should send their Resumé to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

together with their expected salary.